Experience 2020:   Artist in Residence, Centre for Studies on Religion and Society, UVic 2016:   Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, Mentor Betsy Warland 2013: [...]


My heart I stopped in my tracks, cut short my breath. I felt what you felt. Why do you think the world wept? Do you think it’s for sadness or joy?  My name I have been told that my name has [...]

My name

Poems are like dark clouds, I am the moon behind them. Do not read me from the clouds. Watch what is behind the clouds: the shining moon ~ Rumi I have been told that my name has three meanings (a [...]



Meharoona ghani Writer Meharoona Ghani, graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Writer’s Studio and the Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, is a poet who has been featured in many anthologies and has [...]


Select print 2023 Roots to Branches: Volume 1. Federation of BC Writers Press 2022 ahvaz // aavaz // avaaz: an anthology of South Asian poets, League of Canadian Poets 2021 the way out is the way [...]

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