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I went inside my heart to see how it was.

Something there makes me hear the whole world weeping. ~ Rumi


Dearest Rumi,


Your message came to me today. I stopped in my tracks, cut short my breath. I felt what you felt. Why do you think the world wept? Do you think it’s for sadness or joy? 


I wanted instantly to reach out and hold you – reassure your heart – the world is on its own journey – it needs to find its own way through its sorrow, violence and joy. You have no control. All you can do is inspire and guide. 


I feel as though your heart is heavy. The only thing I can say is hold my heart in your hand, feel the depth of love it holds, lighten your load, and you’ll find peace. Perhaps, on the margins of the weeping world you will hear my voice say: “you’re not alone” and the sounds that might bring peace: 


All my love,

Meharoona (your light of the moon)

©Meharoona Ghani


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