i2i: Move from Intercultural to Inclusion

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  • Meharoona’ s insights and knowledge challenged and informed the 120 members at our Diversity Summit to explore how they can become cross culturally competent and how to deal with diversity – based on workplace conflicts. She challenged our perceptions and attitudes towards others who are different from ourselves, and generously exchanged ideas and experiences with our members throughout the Summit

    Steven Lorenzo Baileys Community Development Coordinator Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
  • I was instantly drawn to Meharoona's energy, enthusiasm, and passion for diversity and inclusion. She was our final speaker at our annual Diversity Conference and her presentation was one of the highlights of the conference based on the feedback we received. Meharoona created a safe environment for people to be honest to ask some of the tougher questions related to diversity. Attendees were so engaged and took in every word of the presentation. Post-conference, I continued to receive amazing feedback from attendees regarding Meharoona's powerful presentation. If your organization is looking for a truly gifted and inspiring speaker, then I suggest you secure Meharoona for your next event.

    Stefanie Neth Back in Motion Rehab Inc., Business Development Associate
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