Creative Expression: Finding the Writer

Meharoona Ghani delivers an interactive workshop to discover one’s poetic style. Be courageous and push beyond your comfort zone to create a performance piece of your own.


PechaKucha Night, Vancouver  

PechaKucha is a global series of live events held worldwide where people can meet, inspire and get inspired, based on a format that is fast-paced and fun. Meharoona Ghani was invited to speak her thoughts in 20 slides X 20 seconds. Except she spoke with a twist – her poetic spoken word sort of way. Enjoy!

  • Meharoona is a valuable educator because she uses concepts of 'story', 'voice' and 'spirit' to shift perspectives and create common ground. One of Meharoona's greatest strengths is her ability to naturally connect with any audience. Through the authentic sharing of experiences, Meharoona uses her own stories to highlight the commonalities between us all. She listens genuinely and openly to the voices of others and contributes her own powerful voice in a gentle way. Through poetry, Meharoona makes our shared successes and struggles real. She brings them to light and to life

    Noorin Fazal Religious and Cultural Education, Ismaili Centre, Burnaby
  • Overall Meharoona was a thorough professorial artist, seeking to understand and learn more about the students in her own process of sharing. This is a unique feature in a public speaker and workshop leader and one I highly admire. I would highly recommend Meharoona and look forward to hearing more of her contributions to the world of poetry and creative expression.

    Arzina Zaver Program Lead for Al-Azhar B.C., Ismaili Centre, Burnaby
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